Please understand our PLR Ebooks are the ONLY item on our site you should be reselling!!!!! If it is not on the PLR Ebooks page then it should NOT be resold by any business other than Building A Boss Academy!!! If you are caught reselling any services / courses / ebooks / etc legal action can be taken.



- Once payment is made I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to fill the design form out! (Time only applies on business days) Please try to fill out this form within 48 hours. Please allow me up to 24 hours to respond to you! 

- You will need to provide me with all of your files before I can start your project. due to a high demand of orders we go in order of whoever has completed the forms / etc first. Payment does not secure your spot in order of completion, completed forms / sent files do. 

- Once forms have been fulfilled and files have been received that is when your turn around time begins. Turn around time is an estimated given time frame on when to expect your product. Turn around time depends on the specific projects please be sure to read in full each description BEFORE purchasing. 

- All projects will be sent for confirmation / approval once I am done. Please do not contact 1,000 times for updates. I understand the process is exciting but I will give you updates as I go along!!  I DO NOT WORK ON WEEKENDS!!!! Meaning I do not send out emails, respond to messages, etc. Work days are M-F 

Unfortunately our store does not offer ANY refunds for graphic work after it has been started and / or completed. We may compensate you store credit, but all sales are final. We do not work on weekends!!